Delmarva Paddlers’ Retreat 2018 offers several options for registration depending on how long you would like to stay and what workshops you would like to participate in:

Hopefully everyone coming is an ACA and QUSA member. We use ACA event insurance and have to pay for each non-ACA member. Please help us keep costs down and show us your membership card. The Qajaq USA member discount is already reflected in the prices below. Not a member? Please help them help us by going over to and become a member. Please.

Pricing goes up after Sept 15th, so be sure to register soon!

  • Standard Delmarva Stay, Oct. 5th – Oct 7th $325
    • Accommodations each night
    • Breakfast Friday through lunch Sunday
    • Skinning Workshop
    • Building Tips Workshop
    • Black Plane Exploration with Dave Niles
    • On water mentoring
    • Presentations with guest speakers
    • Ropes Workshop
  • Extended Delmarva Stay, Oct. 4th – Oct 7th $425
    • Accommodations each night
    • Lunch Thursday through lunch Sunday
    • Everything included in the Standard Stay package
    • Mentor training, training the mentors
    • Free time paddles and practice
    • Thursday Night social
  • Super Extended Delmarva Stay, Oct. 3rd – Oct 7th $480
    • Breakfast Thursday through lunch Sunday
    • Everything included in the Extended Stay package
    • Does not include the cost of dinner Wednesday night, but:
    • Optional: Dogfish Nite, Wednesday Night Dogfish Head Brewery Pub would like to do something a little special for the early arrivers. Hopefully they will include special pricing for us and special treats. And separate checks. We are to be there AT 7:00 in Rehoboth Beach.
  • Sunday Night Special $25
    • Can’t get enough? Stay one more night and perhaps dinner in town and just plan a leisurely exit after an active weekend leaving Monday morning
    • You can decide at the last minute. Just let us know Sunday morning.
    • Sometimes a Sunday Night BBQ is organized by the Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association members. They’ll make an announcement, or several, about how to participate.
  • Workshops

  • Paddle Making Workshop $125
    • paddle making workshop, make a paddle to your dimensional preferences. Ander will make your paddle blank of good Norwegian Wood and then ships them for the class. To be sure we have a blank for you registration closes Sept 15th. This class is open to non-Delmarva attendees, but attendees have first dibs.

    • Lodging and Meals Preferences

      • Choices of a rustic Cabin or your own tent on the grounds or on a platform (platforms are first come first serve and not reservable).
      If choosing a Cabin, under Lodging Preference you will have a choice of Quiet Evenings or Not in order that we might group like-minded attendees together. This does not assure the attendee of perfect quiet, but we will try and locate you in a quieter setting. It is a camp after all.
    • Vegetarian Meals available as a meal option request. Camp kitchen accommodations do not allow processing of more restrictive diets. Guest will need to provide there own meals in those instances. The camp will allow storage in their kitchen refrigerator.

    Payment can be made by PayPal account, a credit card via PayPal, or by mailed check.

    This is a full immersion event, to get the most out of it you really need to stay on site. And you might as well since we pay the camp per attendee and can't give any reduction in price for staying off-site. Registration is limited and is on a first come first served basis. Registration must be completed and paid for by Sept 16th. Late registrations may be accepted if space is available, but cabin space cannot be guaranteed.

    Refund Policy

      • Full refunds will be granted up to 30 days from the start of the event, Sept 6th, less processing fees if applicable. After Sept 6th, if we can fill your spot, we will refund 50% and put the other 50% towards attending next year’s event. Again less processing fees when incurred.
    Cancellation Policy

    We are sorry but due to facility contracts & instructor scheduling, the Delmarva Paddler’s Retreat has a no-refund policy after the Registration deadline of September 16th, unless we can place someone from the waiting list into your spot. As we know from the well weathered 2013 event, sort of a declaration of evacuation the event will go on and we will have a damn good time anyway!