An Older ApproachAn Older Approach

The manner in which knowledge is passed on from one person to another at the Retreat is different than that which most people have experienced at other kayak retreats. Instead of top-down "instruction", we advance a principle that we are all learners, acknowledging that virtually all of us have knowledge we can share with other paddlers.

The term 'Instructor' is not used at Delmarva; instead, the more experienced paddlers who possess a greater grasp on traditional techniques are called "Guides". What we find is that distinctions between "instructor" and "student" diminish in favor of a method where all share knowledge with other paddlers. This method of transferring knowledge respects and draws on the Greenland technique and culture of training. The way you experience its implementation is what has been termed by some as a 'pod concept' of learning. The intent is to get people who are working on similar techniques together in one place at one time with others who have mastered those techniques.