Anders' Skin on Frame Building Class.

Iqyax (Baidarka) or Qajaq (kayak)

Sept 30- Oct 8th of 2017. Email us if you are interested.

Anders will be bringing his Skin on Frame building class to Delmarva. The class will take place the week before and begin September 30, 2017 and go through October 7th or 8th if needed. Because of the need to order materials and other product registration will cut off September 10th 2017.

 Here's a little bit from his class in Norway. The Birdcage at Delmarva is not as nicely appointed but the location is stellar.

We've been asked what tools will be needs. Click HERE for a downloadable PDF file.

This is a Jean and Ragnor endorsed event!

We have built three kayaks in classes with Anders in Norway; he's the best. In 2007 we built two kayaks and have used them for touring and camping. Including a camping trip along the coast of Sweden which was led by Nigel Foster. Then in 2008 I built "Queen Bee", my rolling kayak which is also good for day trips.

Email us if you are interested.

=====Iqyax (baidarka) Building=====


Modified from From Anders' webite: Anders workshop will give you the opportunity to learn the art of building your own skin on frame. He's offering a choice of either an Iqyax or Qajaq. The course is given in the best tradition of the Inuits, where the art is passed on from person to person. The course includes the opportunity to personalize your Skin on Frame as you wish, both in form and function. Each participant builds their own Iqyax under supervision. We use simple hand tools, and while some instruction will be available in use of the tools, the student needs to have a working knowledge of planes, chisels and small hand saws. We always make paddles, too. The course will be an intense 6 days of work and but you will leave with a completed Skin on Frame kayak. Depending on time you will need to spend 10-15 hours afterwards sanding, polishing, painting and performing other finishing touches. See more from his Website Kajakkspesialsten

The Delmarva Class details:

  • Skin on Frame Building Class with Anders including Retreat package     $1775 if you book by August 10th. $1875 after that date.
    • Sept 30th  – Oct 6th  building your skin on frame
    • The evening of the Oct 5th till Oct 8th full participation at the Retreat (alone a $495 value)

Accommodations each night while building your SOF ( the camp bills us for each student as if you are staying here, even if you stay off site so we cannot credit the registration if you stay off site. Sorry)

    • Accommodations from Saturday till Thursday in the Manor House which has a full kitchen. You can cook your own or cook as a group.
    • The Manor House is used for instructors and meetings during the Retreat and we will need to relocate you to another building or tent Thursday.
    • Meals from Breakfast Thursday through lunch on Sunday
    • Does not include dinner Wednesday night, but:
    • Optional:  Dogfish Nite, Wednesday Night Dogfish Head Brewery Pub. We are to be there by 7:00 in Rehoboth Beach
    • Mentor training, training the mentors on Thursday if you are finished with you Iqyax.
    • Free time paddles and practice
    • Thursday Night social
    • Participation in the 2nd Annual Kayak Building Competition
    • Skinning Workshop when available
    • Building Tips Workshop(s)
    • Ropes workshop
    • Tools Exploration with Dave Niles
    • On Water Mentoring
    • Presentations with Guest speaker
    • Event Tee Shirt