Kayak Build Competition

The Qajaq Build Competition will be on hiatus for a year, would you really like to build one?

Please see the Skin On Frame Build page

An over view:

The teams have 1 hour to make the frame, ½ to wrap it in plastic. Then the teams race their creations. Much like the Palo's wedding race each team member does a round, last team member gets 3 trys to impress the jury with rolls.

We will have 7-8 pieces of 15x15 mm and 5 m. long wood stringers for each kayak. Rolls of duck tape each and the plastic wrap. Teams will need some tools, the "leatherman" or similar multitools. Anders suggests a suitable bicycle wheel rim for the cockpit.

The Rules:

First rule is that all rules can be changed during the competition!

This is the point system that they have been using in the past years at the Norwegian event. And will be used at Delmarva.

   Minus one point per additional 5 minutes spent on the kayak framework.

   Up to 5 points given for excellent teamwork, enthusiasm and fighting spirit

   Up to 5 points given for quality and design of the kayak (how solid it is, how well it fulfills it’s function)

   Up to 5 points given for beauty and authentic (Greenlandic) looks of the kayak (a bit if rocker, a good hull shape etc. will count)

   Up to 5 points in kayak building are bonus points. Can be given by judges for something new, something impressive, something genius etc.

   For the relay paddle each team member needs to get into the kayak and paddle a short route, then next team member etc. 1 point given for each minute that separates first and last. So if kayak 1 use 5 minutes, kayak 2 uses 7 minutes and kayak 3 uses 8 minutes they will get points like 1: 3 points, 2: 1 point and 3: 0 points. Maximum 5 points can be earned.

   For rolling, last paddler gets 3 trys to show 3 different rolls and can obtain max. 5 points. Judging based on crowd cheers!

   Each team will have 1 ½ hour for kayak building.  And then a ½ hour to plastic wrap it

  Then the race and roll off.  

   So, each team has the possibility to earn maximum 30 points

   Each team will consist of 3 to 6 members  In Norway, there were as many as six people per team, with 3 building and 3 paddling, but that can vary according to how many people join in.


Ralph Young has cut enough pieces for 4 kayak build teams.

Each pack consists of
(4) 1 1/8" by 3/4" x 16' boards ( 38mm x 19mm x 4.8 m) for the gunwales and stringers
(1) 1" by 3/4" x 16' board (25 mm x 19mm x 4.8 m) for the keelson
(2) 1 1/2" x 3/4" x 8' boards (38mm x 19mm x 2.4m) for the deck beams (cut to suit)
(8) 1 1/2" x 3/8" x 16" boards (38mm x 10mm x 40 cm) for ribs etc.
(8) 1" x 3/8" x 16" boards (25 mm x 10 mm x16") for ribs etc.

(1)  suitable bicycle wheel rim for the cockpit                     

Ralph is suggesting the each team have a cross cut hand saw and a leatherman type tool

 For ideas on how this is done be sure to see photos of the Kayak Building in Norway