Videos that have been Posted from Delmarva Paddlers Retreat over the years.

Peter Gengler has out done himself this time.

=====Thank You Gengler=====

Sally Peter's video of Delmarva 2012 vs. 2013. A Striking comparison.

Delmarva 2102 vs 2013 from Sally Peters on Vimeo.

A Peter Gengler Short on his love of Salt Water:

Salt Water from Peter Gengler on Vimeo.

Blended Kayak Moments by James Manke - Shown at Delmarva 2013 

James Roberts First Paddle of the South Greenland Replica Auctioned at Delmarva 2013 

Delmarva 2012: A composite of videos:

delmarva 2012 from Peter Gengler on Vimeo.

Delmarva 2011: Video By Peter Gengler:

Delmarva Paddler's Retreat 2011 from Peter Gengler on Vimeo.

A movie of the detailed discussion that took place at the 2011 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat in Rehoboth Beach Delaware on the techniques of efficient Greenland paddle stokes. Discussion between two of the top Greenland paddlers, Maligiaq Padilla and Greg Stamer. Moderated by John Doornink.

2011 Delmarva Paddlers Forum from Peter Gengler on Vimeo.

2011 Delmarva Dressage video by Dan Perry:

2011 Delmarva Slackline video by Dan Perry:

Half Nut Inuit Robot video by Dan Perry: