What is Delmarva?

Delmarva is about learning seakayaking skills with a Greenland Flair.

 Seakaying instruction for beginning to expedition kayakers with a strong emphasis on kayaking's traditional origins




 Using the mentoring approach of passing on and learning skills. You will be able to choose from classes geared to beginners to expert on strokes, bracing, safety on the water, rolling, and of course harpoon tossing!





And we have workshops like tool exploration and paddlemaking.  Please see our Workshop section under “Event Information” for more details.


Mostly it’s about having fun.


Games, presentations, ropes with the Side Bros. (That’s Dubside and Dave Sides)







There will be demonstrations of kayak skinning and repair.



And everyone gets into "Peter’s Shorts". 

And it all takes place at a quiet private youth camp on the water. Good vittles too. Did we mention Jim’s sticky buns. Hmmmmm.  Some come just for the food.

 The philosophy behind Delmarva since the beginning 28 years ago has been to be a full immersion learning experience.  The minimum stay is from Friday to Sunday.  You don’t really get much of a benefit from just stopping in, each segment builds upon the next and everything builds upon the social experience of being in a group of wet smelly kayakers for a weekend. 

Need more information, please look under our “Event Information” section.

Be sure to see the The Delmarva Difference