Registration for the 26th Annual Delmarva Paddlers Retreat is Open!

October 10th to the 12th, 2014. and a little before and after that.

Registration for the 26th annual Delmarva Paddlers Retreat is now open.  We are continuing to plan programs and workshops.  One thing we are pretty sure of, we will be starting Wednesday night at Dogfish Brewing and Eats, Anders Thygesen will give us a presentation on traditional paddling in Norway, there will be excellent instruction under Jules’ leadership, and plenty of good camaraderie.  Brian Shulz's qajaq building class will be in full swing.  Dana’s popular workshop on making your own Akuilisaq will be returning.  Make it on Friday use it on Saturday and Sunday.  Dave Niles is returning with his Guide on the Side series on woodworking tools.   We will be having at least a skinning demonstration and maybe a total build. 

And no one is sure of what Ralph will want to test and destruct this year. Except he might be doing some hull speed demo's.  Stay tuned!


We continue to search for traditional kayakers who are making a difference.  Those paddlers who are out there everyday teaching and encouraging the methods of traditional paddling.  If you have someone in mind, let us know we would like to invite them to Delmarva.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

"Getting into Peter's Shorts" is back for 2014

(aka -Delmarva Paddlers' Retreat Short Film Festival )
        Friday evening, or maybe Saturday, or maybe both

See our FaceBook page and look for Peter's posting under "Recent Posts" for past examples and more info.

  • Put your creative hat on and get out there and start filming (then editing ~)
  • Short Film FestivalLooking for kayak related short films, preferably under 5 minutes if possible.
    subjects to consider:
    1. scenic
    2. trip/documentary
    3. instructional
    4. humor
    5. creative
  • All entries should be provided on DVD's. (check it in your player to make sure it plays). This will give us the best quality movie to play.  Assuming we're not overwhelmed we should be able to show them all. There may be awards...... ; )
  • You do not need to attend to submit a film (although we'd love to have you). We would like to have received all films by Sept 21st via mail.

We can't wait to see what we get from this community of creative energetic people .....

Questions? Contact: 79 Perryville Road, Rehoboth Ma, 02769 (Note, that's Rehoboth Massachusetts, Not Delaware )
Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

QAJAQ Building Workshop

Cape Falcon Kayaks
As of June 7, 2014 We understand that this Class has one spot left . 

We are very pleased that Brian Shulz's Kayak building class is returning to Delmarva 2014.

Few kayaks can match the skin-on-frame type for simplicity, elegance, and performance. These kayaks are custom-fitted to the individual, bringing you closer to the water and the paddling experience.

Students will register for the class at Brian’s site,, and then for their week long stay here on our website.  Of course we will have Special discount pricing available for the week.
Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

2013 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat Slideshow

Many of you saw that guy in black running around all weekend with 1-2 gigantic cameras in front of his face. That was DJ Manalo. You can check out his gorgeous photos here.  DJ is a paddler who wanted to come to Delmarva. Since we are historically late in getting our photos into the gallery we asked him if he would take over this year.  Once we saw his work we gave him front page billing.  Enjoy.

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat

Article in Delmarva Beach Life

We must have made it big time -we're in a mainstream publication! You'll need to go to their site to read about our article in Delaware Beach Life.   Marla Aron's photos of Rosanna Lovecchio graces the opening page of the piece.

Delmarva Paddler's Retreat
Delmarva Paddlers Retreat